• The Way of Hope boys home has been funded. Kenyan partners, Isaac and Esther Munji, are working on getting the permits and starting work on the fence around the property.
  • Theological training will host week 6 in October
  • Isaac Munji will join our theological training team in India to teach week 1

GREATEST NEED: Committed monthly support for Lulu Place, Way of Hope, and Rift Valley Fellowship staff salaries. Although any amount of monthly support helps, if 53 families or individuals commit to giving $100/month for the next 2-3 years, you would fulfill this need. Start your monthly gift here!

In 2-3 years the plan is these current projects being self-sustained by economic development opportunities in and around Maai Mahiu, Kenya.


  • Because of the success of the peacemaking dialogues in Yei, the Southern Sudan government has requested that Bishop Taban and HVG expand into other states.
  • Originally dialogues would expand to two states, Torit and Boma. There have been new and alarming developments in another state, Gogrial, so they have decided it is imperative to start there.
  • Food relief is still a crucial need throughout the country. There was a delivery yesterday to EPC in Yei, it will last them about 3 weeks.


  1. Peacemaking Dialogues. Read more about the budget and give toward peacemaking here. 
  2. Food Relief. We have partnered with BASIC ministries for continued food relief in South Sudan. You can still give through our site here.


  • All students have moved up in their respective school classes this year and 3 passed their board examinations in the 10th class.
  • Kenyan partner, Isaac Munji, will join Darrell in India to start Theological training in a new area.

GREATEST NEED: Committed monthly support for the Hope of Life children’s home. Although any amount of monthly support helps, if 10 families or individuals commit to giving $100/month, you would fulfill this need. Start your monthly gift here!

Imprisoned to Hope

by: Vernon Burger

Vernon Burger’s debut book, Imprisoned to Hope, is available now! All proceeds will be donated to His Voice Global for the work of renewing communities and restoring relationships.

You can order it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Available for Kindle and Nook, too!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Post-election violence in Kenya.
  2. Monthly funding for Kenya partnership.
  3. Forward movement and favor for peacemaking dialogues in South Sudan.