Loving Those Who Violate You

Many scholars believe this verse is the culmination of a rapid-fire teaching from Jesus.

We will forgive to the degree we have truly trusted His forgiveness (6:14-15), we will fast properly to the degree we truly trust He sees in secret (6:16-18), we will store up treasures in Heaven to the degree we actually trust richness towards is the highest order of abundance (6:19-24), we will seek The Kingdom to the degree we trust The Father actually knows what we need (6:25-34), and we will judge to the degree we actually rest in grace (7:1-5).

Therefore, the dogs and pigs are those who constantly choose to hold to the anti-thesis of Kingdom abundance. Yet, the ironic part is that He is not saying we should give up on people per se.


There is a difference of loving people and entrusting ourselves to untrustworthy people.


He is saying we should not do the latter, while still doing the former (after all, He is the One who teaches us to love our enemies). Therefore, I hope today that He would give you the wisdom to entrust yourself to those who have shown they trust Kingdom abundance, while also having the keen awareness of being able to love those who perpetually violate the ways of His love, but not entrusting yourself to those who have shown they will trample and attack you.