Maai Mahiu • Rift Valley Fellowship (RVF)
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In Maai Mahiu, many women and children live in unhealthy and dangerous environments. Prostitution is one of the primary sources of commercial business because of the location and immense poverty.

We desire to rescue these women and children and provide a circle of care and education.

For young girls, this is a part-time home called Lulu Place, and for the street boys, Way of Hope Boys Home. For the women, the Women of Courage ministry provides community, resources, and job opportunities.

We believe God’s truth is the foundation of true transformation.

To equip people for the work of reconciliation, we provide in-depth theological training for community and church leaders around Maai Mahiu twice a year.

We know God desires to see families unified and strong.

For families to become self-sufficient, economic opportunity is provided to parents or guardians of a child in our care. This includes artisan women selling homemade goods, working for the church, and jobs at local businesses.

All these work together for the restoration of relationships and community.

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Lulu Place and Way of Hope Monthly Expenses

Street kids nightly feeding program/Bible study

Women of courage economic opportunities

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