He is the Fullness of Love

Jesus is teaching us that if we truly understand our Father sees us in the secret and that He already knows what we need before we ask, then prayer becomes much more about hearing from Him what we actually need and image management in front of others starts to fall by the wayside when we pray publicly.

Jesus teaches a great way to pray. Now, it is not the only way to pray by any means, but it is definitely one way of praying. This prayer of “Knowing you are known” is fascinating because it is said in the plural (Our, us, we).

This does not mean it should not be prayed individually, but as we walk through these phrases it is essential to know this is said in the plural.

In view of this, “Our Papa in Heaven, the fullness of love is Your name” is a great way to understand this first phrase.

First, it recognizes that God is The Father of all, even if people do not choose to recognize this. Next, one way to see holiness as not being aloof, if you will, is by seeing it as “the fullness of love”.

So, I pray you continually see The Father of All can also be called The Fullness of Love and His presence is what we desperately need to recognize for ourselves and everyone we lay eyes on today.