Bad Fruit vs Good Fruit

The false prophets are those who anchor their “fruits” into themselves. Undoubtedly, there are many obviously grotesque false prophets who claim to have heard from God and are getting people to follow them, yet Jesus also has another type of person in mind as well.

Even those who possess many signs that modern-day Western Christianity counts as “this must be God’s hand!” (Such as casting out demons, doing mighty works, help to grow a ministry very quickly, getting much attention, etc.) can many times be the manifestation of “bad fruit”.

Any time we focus on “being part of a movement” per se, that does not find its root in Jesus and its fruit being people having a true relationship with Jesus, then we have gone away from the texture of The Kingdom, no matter how much something looks “good”. This is why Jesus says the only delineating factor is “knowing him” (v. 23).

This is a relational knowing.

Therefore, I hope today you see the freedom of knowing the good fruit of life is a natural overflow from truly knowing Him. The grace of rooting all of life into this one path produces fruit far beyond all we could hope or imagine, but it also keeps us from identifying ourselves as successes or failures based on how people react to the message of His love.


Instead, we can rest in His provision today and express His nearness no matter what the cost.