I know there are a myriad amount of ways to get distracted.  I seem to have found many of them.  In fact, when I am at my weirdest times I seek out distractions.  It is a control problem.

I am using the word distraction as anything or anyone that you allow to take your focus away from Christ.

I am not trying to propose that we should try to cut every person and everything out of our life and somehow this will allow us to be “undistracted”.  The problem is this only takes things away, instead of focusing on the Triune God and then trusting that He will show me how to have properly informed relationships, work, hobbies, etc.

I say all of this because I was in a discussion yesterday on Ps. 23.  We were talking about “He restores my soul”.  We talked about possible distractions in understanding this reality.  I want to give you two specific distractions we talked about

My friend John Ryan said, “There is a danger in worshiping your wounds and there is a danger in worshiping your healing.”  What he meant is that many people define themselves by their “issues”.  Whether it is a healing or hurt.  It is not that these things should not be recognized, but when they are how we identify ourselves, we are distracted.

The second distraction from understanding that God not only is the One who restores our soul, but that He actually has a strong desire to restore us, is a struggle that I personally have.  Many times in the midst of struggle I do what can be perceived as good, yet it produces yet another distraction.  I go read my Bible.

Let me explain.

Many times I have run to my Bible, read a promise from the Word, and then said it over and over, trying to “speak some type of change in my life (I guess)”.  The problem is that I am the center of that pursuit, instead of the Triune God.  I am not saying we should not run to the Bible, but if the Bible does not lead us to Him then it is not a minor miss.  It is a distraction.

In fact, Jesus warned against this in John 5:39-40. “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.”

Therefore, I believe this should lead us to even dig deeper in the Word because we will soon come to the realization that the Word brings us to The Word (Jn. 1).  He is the great restorer of our soul.  He restores by relationship with Him, not “I can prove it to you God” types of relationships or actions.  He is calling all of us to become much less distracted.  He is call us to be captivated by Him and Him alone, trusting that He will properly inform every area of our life.

What are some of the ways you have become distracted?

What are some practical implementations to overcome some of these distractions?

Love Truth