Last week I was with my Grandpa as he drew his last breath. Before he died I was able to pray with him and read Psalm 23 over him twice. I must say the whole situation has still been kind of surreal.

Here are two thoughts that keep rumbling around in my brain.

1. Death is clarifying. So many times we allow ourselves to get entangled in such tertiary things and make them as major things. Thinking of eternal life and eternal death will help to clarify many things and cause you to examine your life.

2. Many times we derive a false comfort from where a person has gone after death. Don’t get me wrong; great comfort exists (and should) when we think of Heaven. The problem is that so many times the verbage we use makes God ONLY good if the person who has died is in Heaven. I think this is why many times the main consoling words we hear are “He/She is in a better place.”

Again, there is nothing wrong with deriving comfort from Heaven, but if we still can’t find comfort in God if someone goes the Hell then we must realign our thoughts.

I must say that God has provided a great comfort to my soul that has been mainly focused on His goodness, even in this situation. I am not saying I have been free of the pain of losing my grandpa (I don’t think that would be healthy in the first place), yet I do sense the Lord speaking His great encouragement in my life.


Love Truth