I do not think that literature only helps to put into words “The Dark Night Of The Soul,” but it can also help to provide healing. I know that healing is ultimately found in Jesus, yet literature can be a great means for leading us to Him.

***I know that literature helps with more than just our difficult circumstances, but I also wanted to give a tool for many of you that struggle with the fog not lifting.***

Here is a great excerpt from Les Miserables, in which the mental state of Jean Valjean is described.

He is in the monstrous waters with only their rolling and heaving beneath him. The waves are torn and ripped to shreds by the wing and close in on him sickeningly; the rolling abyss sweeps him away, all the tattered water whips around his head, a mob of waves spits at him, vague tunnels of water half-devour him; every time he goes under, he glimpses sheer drops of unfathomable darkness; weird unfamiliar plants seize him, bind his feet, pull him under; he feels himself becoming one with the abyss, he is part of the foam, the waves toss him from one to the other, he gulps down bitterness, the spineless ocean is raring to drown him, the vastness toys with him, dragging our his last gasps. All that water feels like liquid hate.

Yet he struggles, he tries to defend himself, he tries to keep going, he makes an effort, he swims. His pitiful strength immediately exhausted, he struggles against the inexhaustible.

Now, look at Mark 5:1-20. The above passage from Les Miserables helps to put a great background on what the demoniac may have been going through. It might put a great pulse on what you feel like you are going through.

Yet, look at the response of Jesus! In mercy He looks at the man and casts the demonic away.

This idea of mercy is that Jesus was not intimidated by the legion of demons, but instead, desired to heal the man from the inside out. He wanted to take all the dark waters that “felt like liquid hate” and offer True Living Water. He wanted the man’s “struggles against the inexhaustible” to be turned into an anthem of Life giving submission to the ocean of God’s love.

Love Truth