Richard Stearns has written an incredibly challenging book called The Hole in Our Gospel.

One of the quotes he gives helps to understand the diversity of our world.

To better understand the makeup of the human race, imagine that all 6.7 billion people on earth could be represented by a single “global village” of just 100 people…Here’s a snapshot of what that global village would look like.

Out of 100 people:

60 would be Asian

14 would be African

12 would be European

8 would be Latin American

5 would be American or Canadian

1 would be from the South Pacific

51 would be male; 49 would be female

82 would be non-white; 18 white

67 would be non-Christian; 33 would be Christian

Stearns goes on to document that Americans only make up 4.5% of the entire world population.

I pray that if you did not know how diverse the world was, that you would be encouraged at the creativity of God.

I pray that you would be burdened by the reality that 2 out of every 3 people in the world (at best!) do not know Christ.  I pray this burden would lead you to hope filled action in Him.

Any thoughts?

Love Truth