Check out this story from my friend, Tim Wheeless. Please take time to see how you could support them through prayer and also possibly in the financial realm.

We have been in the process since February of this year. Our agency is The Gladney Center for Adoption, located in Fort Worth. Their website is We are in the Ethiopian program and are officially on the wait list to receive a referral for our child. The process could take up to eight months or it could be sooner. In the meantime, we are praying for God to provide the funds we need to complete this adoption. If we don’t have the money when the referral comes, the whole process stops and we cannot bring our child home. It is disgusting to think that so much money is required to give a child a loving home and family. None the less, this is the system and we must work through so as to honor God before men. God has been faithful so far and he has provided at each stage when money has been needed. We have already spent over $8000 on our own to get to this point. So, here is a breakdown of the fees we will have to pay in order to see the adoption through to the end:

Fee to Ethiopian Government $7600

INS Fees $830

Orphanage “donation” $1000

Travel for 1st trip (court) $6130

Travel for 2nd trip (get child) $7125

Visas & Passports $40

Total $22,725

If people wish to donate to help with our adoption expenses they can make the check to me and mail it to this address:

Northeast Houston Baptist Church
Attn: Tim Wheeless
18000 West Lake Houston Parkway
Humble, TX 77346

If anyone wishes to contact our agency to verify we are in the Ethiopian adoption program and are officially waiting for a referral they can contact our caseworker:

Robin Longoria
Gladney Center for Adoption

If they want to contact me or if they want to know a little more about us and what we are doing through our adoption journey, they can contact me at the info below or via email. I have also blogged about our journey and do so several times a month. My blog site is On the right hand side there are links to my adoption blogs including how and why we feel called to adopt.

Truth is alive,

Tim Wheeless
Associate Pastor to Teens
Northeast Houston Baptist Church
Office: 281-812-8688 ext 214