In Kolkata as it is in Heaven


In Kolkata, India we have been able to team up with an incredible couple, Nabin and Matilda.  They go into the Howrah train station and rescue kids out of an impoverished and imprisoned lifestyle. Nabin and Matilda started a children’s home, called Hope of Life, where they can help rehabilitate these precious lives.  All of these kids have run away from home or were left abandoned. They all come from terrible situations. At the train station, all these kids have faced abuse of many kinds and have been forced to do work for gang leaders. Matilda and Nabin keep it simple; they go into the train station, love on the children and rescue them into a home where they are provided with an education, counseling and a new start.

Our partnership with Hope of Life is a true example of our mission being lived out. We help provide children with a home, an education, and love. The kids are encouraged to lead a new life and find a fresh start in Jesus. Nabin and Matilda engage the community in a bold way. They frequent the train station and build relationships with the people living out the train station lifestyle.

Our foundational partner for this project is the Ring Community Church from Baton Rouge, LA. They have taken the lead in this partnership so His Voice Global plays a secondary role. The Ring, Hope of Life, and His Voice Global meet to cast vision. His Voice then helps to figure out how to cary out the vision, both financially and by connecting them to people.

A sweet Couple from the Ring is currently residing in Kolkata as missionaries. To follow Preston and Alex King’s Journey, click here.

To partner financially with the Hope of Life Children’s Home, click here.

If you would like to donate specifically to the building fund in order to purchase land and a building for these sweet children click here.