His Voice Family,

Today comes with a monumental announcement for us as an organization!
We have always wanted to be faithful stewards of our resources. As we have been casting vision for the bright future ahead, the Lord has also provided an incredible person to help us build and implement our mission and vision for the years ahead. I am beyond excited to announce that Bruce Lowe is our new Executive Director of His Voice Global!

Bruce is very relationally driven and also has a brilliant mind in organizational development with over 30 years of this background in the oil and gas industry, along with over 8 years in a local church context. We believe this will allow a way for me to concentrate on the areas where I am gifted, along with allowing Bruce to use his unique gifting to benefit the Kingdom through His Voice. We are a fiercely collaborative organization and will work together on a daily basis to carry out the vision of His Voice, since I will be remaining in the Founder/President role.
As I have stated, this is a great addition to our team that will enable us to carry out and increase the reach the Lord has provided for His Voice Global. Please take time to read some words from Bruce below.
After graduating in 1976 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M, I held several engineering and executive positions in the oil and gas industry. I have had the benefit of working in many areas of the US and other countries, along with being involved on some great teams. A table of good food with family and friends, traveling, fly-fishing and reading are some things I enjoy.
In response to God’s call I joined Stonegate Fellowship, Midland Texas, as Missions Director in 2006. These years were a huge blessing for me as well as a time of deep learning and growth.
My wife, Martha, and I moved to Austin in 2013 to be close to our adult children, Rob and Ann, and family. In Austin, prior to joining His Voice, I have invested time in assisting mission organizations in building capacity and missional effectiveness.
As the His Voice team has been taking a deeper look at the future of the ministry, I have been assisting them during recent months. We reevaluated the mission and vision, dreamed of what the next steps forward for the programs should be and considered what would need to occur within the organization in order for these things to happen. Not only did the His Voice team become energized through this but I did as well. This led to our decision to join forces, with me as Executive Director and Vernon Burger as Founder and President.
His Voice has been tireless in participating in the building of God’s Kingdom and I want to work to support these efforts to define how we can take their successes to the next level. I will focus on our relationships with our partners, on our programs, and on our internal capacity to support these programs. Using the God-given opportunities I have had throughout my career to learn much about teamwork, organization, relationship and impact throughout my career, I will help His Voice sustain and grow in their Kingdom effort. This is a great gift to me.

Love Truth
Vernon Burger II