Hey Everyone,

We sent out a blog that talked about an urgent need we had for the boys home in India.

I want to give you a quick update…

WE WERE ABLE TO RAISE THE INITIAL FUNDS!!! This has been such a great blessing and incredible news for our friends in India. We currently have the first six months of operating costs covered, but are in need for more beyond this.

A quick rundown….it costs $1000 per month to completely fund this boys home. Even if you can give $10, it would be a great help. If you are interested in supporting this home, please go to our partner page and you will find a place to donate.

We have a great friend, Chilli Lugo, who will be at the boys home later on this month. She will get some pics and also some video. We are very excited about her being able to help in this way. Chilli is currently on staff at The Village Church, in Highland Village, Texas. Please pray for her and the journey to India!

Love Truth