I am preparing to preach on Mt. 5:4 in a couple of weeks.

One of the books I have been reading through is The Sermon On The Mount by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. In his chapter on Mt. 5:4 several thoughts have jumped out at me. Here are a couple insights that he gives.

The failure of the Church to have a greater impact upon the life of men and women in the world today is due entirely to the fact that her own life is not in order. To me there is nothing more tragic or shortsighted or lacking in insight than the assumption, made by so many, that the Church herself is all right and all she has to do is to evangelize the world outside. Every revival proves clearly that men who are outside the Church always become attracted when the Church herself begins to function truly as the Christian Church…

I cannot help feeling that the final explanation of the state of the Church today is the defective sense of sin and a defective doctrine of sin. Coupled with that, of course, is a failure to understand the true nature of Christian joy. There is the double failure.

Do you think Lloyd-Jones is right?

If you agree with him, what do you think are some practical ways we can implement a better understand of our “double failure”?

Love Truth