CNN has posted an article about the use of meditation to cure depression. They say it has shown some great headway as a viable alternative to drugs. Here is a link.

One thing they talk about is the need to be “fully present”. As a Christian, I think that many of these things, such as meditation, can be used in a redeemed way. The issue is that we need to have a proper understanding as to what it means to be “fully present”. A friend of mine, Geoff, wrote a great blog on “Should Christian’s Practice Yoga?” I echo his thoughts and believe it will give you more reasons on how I think these types of things, such as yoga and meditation, can be redeemed.

Ecclesiastes says that God has set eternity in the heart of man. The future matters, yet this is not completely opposed to being “fully present” and learning to meditate in this way.

To be “fully present” requires a great calmness and certainty about the future. It does not mean we need to always try to figure everything out in order to have peace and live in the present.

The issue is that a person will never be able to fully live in the present unless they can trust in the future. Therefore, when we learn to meditate properly it is not an emptying of our thoughts in order to be present. It is a matter of having His peace speaking into our thoughts. It is a matter of becoming more fully aware by becoming more aware of Him, not just getting all thoughts out of your head and thinking this is somehow “being present.” This will not ultimately cure depression because we were created to enjoy the fullness of God, not the emptying of bearing His image.

I am all for meditation being used as a cure for depression. “On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.” (Ps. 145:5) We need to do this much more.

Love Truth