Dear His Voice Friends,

Forgive me for not being faithful to the blog these last few days. Internet access has been slightly more scarce and time to dedicate to writing literarily palatable material even scarcer. In three hours I will be leaving Kolkata to board six different flights to make it back home to Dallas, Texas. My mind is full from the week, and I must confess that there has been so much to process from meetings with organizations like FreeSet and Hope for Living that it’s almost as though I have been in a Bengali bakery, like the ones that are here, surrounded by thousands of sweetly unique morsels and I can hardly bear choosing only one to let you savor. Rest assured though, I have at least a handful of halfway written blogs to complete and give to you and I will do so as if in real time just for the fun of it.

For now just know that a great work is being done in Kolkata by the saints who are lifting you up faithfully as you should them.

Know also that this week I have clung to the wise words of a dear friend who happens to work as a preschool minister:

“Chilli, don’t worry. Pee is sterile.”

And so, I leave you.

Obviously delirious from lack of sleep and excitement for being home,


p.s. I challenge you to do research on the word “Mishti.” If you do, you will probably like this blog entry even more than I’m sure you already do.