Hey Everyone!

We are trying to raise the funds for our 4th orphanage ASAP. We have already been given the land as a gift from the President of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir!

One stipulation the government has is for the land to start being developed soon. Therefore, I am asking if you would PLEASE HELP US! We need as many individuals, churches, and organizations to give to this as possible.

This orphanage will be the home of 100 orphans, employ 42 full time employees, give education to an additional 110 children (beyond the 100), provide a medical clinic for the children, drill a water well, and provide a church for the community.

Our goal is to raise $149,000 for the construction of all of this. We are also raising an additional $100,000 for a truck that will FULLY FINANCIALLY SUSTAIN the orphanage. Therefore, this truck will not only provide the income needed to sustain this generation of orphans, BUT IT WILL HELP TO HOLISTICALLY PROVIDE FOR A MULTIPLE NUMBER OF GENERATIONS!

Please consider giving to this initiative and help to shape the upcoming generations of Southern Sudan.

If you are interested or if your church is interested in partnering in this way, please click on this link.

If you have ANY questions, just email me at

Love Truth