So, I have safely arrived in the fine city of Kolkata. I must say I am weary from the sixteen hour train ride, but oh how sweet the Lord is in those moments of discomfort and unfamiliarity. It is in those moments, as the train lights go off, the drunk below me is nodding off to sleep in a cloud of smoke and stench, and the Sikhs beside me who have just finished arguing with me for an hour about why Jesus is the same as all other Gods, that I can feel creeping around me darkness, hopelessness, homesickness, and a deep and troubling sensation of aloneness. I fear it the way I feel that the cockroaches I saw earlier are now making their way under my covers. But how lovely is the comfort of the Lord. It is the blanket covering me in the dark chill. It is a shawl about my shoulders, safe guarding me from feebly giving over to even the notion of despair. It is as Samuel Rutherford writes: “Go where ye will, your soul shall not sleep but in Christ’s bosom.” May I find my every comfort there.
I smiled to myself on the train as I remembered that it is indeed true. There in Christ is every comfort. I also smiled and was filled at encouragement that our Comfort saw fit to answer my prayer to give me the opportunity to share about His glories and mysteries on the train with the Sikhs. They were wonderful to talk and debate with in fact. Very handsome and jolly, extending, without knowing it the Lord’s traveling mercies to me by being friendly and paying for my dinner! I pray fervently that they might find Christ, the only Way, Truth, and Light. I leave you with another Rutherford quote: “My dear brother, I will think it comfort if ye speak my name to our Well-Beloved wherever ye are. I am mindful of you.”
Remember also the Sikhs (the Singh family) and I will update you soon on the wonderful meeting I had today.

With Affection,